NAV's latest interview with Pitchfork was fairly revelatory, with respect to his vision of himself. Not only is he hoping for the kind of celebrity normally associated with TMZ headlines, but he hopes it'll come right away, on the heels of his Bad Habits project.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

All the stars are lined up for NAV to make his mark on the industry. He told Pitchfork that "fame" is something he's wanted for himself, since the onset of his career, and probably much longer. NAV's overarching vision entails him getting mobbed by the tabloids on a daily basis. This is how he envisions it going down during his interview.

"Fame is something I want, it’s a good problem to have. I’m still not there, because when I walk out of fucking Delilah in L.A. and TMZ will be standing out there with cameras and not even take a picture of me, I get sick," he began describing. "I get in my fucking Lambo truck right in front of them. All my jewelry on and they don’t even take one picture."

With NAV putting his eggs in this one basket, the Canadian rapper has therefore opened himself us to criticism over his past mistakes - namely his Reckless album, which he admits wasn't all that good. "It quickly settled in that I didn’t release that good of an album," he states in the same Pitchfork interview. "I had to take a couple of step backs and humble myself.”

NAV's Bad Habits has been generally well-received since it was dropped last week. Even Nas dropped into view, saluting the Canadian rapper over his marked improvement, by reposting the album's cover to his nearly-5 million followers.