I guess the questions that hung in the balance regarding NAV's worried status were answered this week when his Brown Boy EP was "leaked." By signaling an end to his incessant retirement spiel, NAV paved the way for bigger and better plans. Just a few hours ago, he jumped on Twitter like a Pastor endowed with christening powers.


"My album “Bad Habits” is dropping this Friday ! 3/22," he wrote in the post, giving us an indication of the album's title: Bad Habits. The Twitter post also served to assuage any suspicions over the initial pronouncement. It's not as if NAV seemed all too willing to give his fans the comfort of knowing his best intentions. Incidentally, NAV chose to play a game of "Yo-Yo" with their emotional resolve on the line, although I do reckon no one is THAT invested in his art.

So, without further ado, we can put the rumors of NAV's imminent retirement to rest. Soon enough Lil Uzi Vert fans will be able to do the same. As it stands, the so-called fans have a choice in the matter. As much as artists should retain all agency over their life or career, their fans should feel entitled to the same choosing power, especially in situations where the notion of "loyalty" is disquieted. Regardless, are you stoked on NAV's soon to be released album, hit us with your thoughts?