Just a few days ago we posted on Naya Rivera getting booked for assaulting her husband where she is now facing domestic battery charges.

The former Glee actress supposedly struck her husband, Ryan Dorsey, multiple times when they were on a walk with their two-year-old son. Ryan provided the police with a video of Naya's attack which led authorities to take her into custody. Naya was released on $1,000 bail and her father-in-law picked her up from prison the next day since she was in Virginia spending Thanksgiving with her in-laws. 

“[Dorsey] says his wife, Naya, had struck him in the head and the bottom lip while the two were taking their child for a walk down the street,” Jatara McGee and Markie Owens of WSAZ reported.

In a new audio recording that has surfaced via TMZ, we can hear the call Ryan made to police when Naya was attacking him. Ryan is heard saying he needs the help of authorities because his "wife's out of control." Ryan explains to the responder that Naya is "getting physical" adding that his father is there with them, but she's not getting violent with him. Listen to the audio below.

The call then drops for an unknown reason before the operator can get any more information.  

When the story first made headlines, Naya's ex-boyfriend Big Sean made a tweet that was seemingly related to the whole matter. The video tweeted by Sean sees a little girl telling the camera, "I told ya'll n***as, ya'll thought I was playin' but I told ya'll n***as." The tweet was just too soon after the matter for us to not think it was a direct response to Naya's physical actions.

The duo broke-up just three months before Naya and Ryan walked down the aisle and got married. After the fact, Big Sean released one of his biggest singles to date, "IDFWU" that many believed was about Naya.