NBA 2K19 is almost here, and 2K Sports has blessed fans of the franchise with a new trailer. The latest peek at the best basketball video game on the market dives into the new MYCAREER Mode. In 2K18, gamers played as DJ, an aspiring street baller who gains the attention of an agent and gets signed into the NBA with little effort. There are a few matches gamers must complete to get the attention of the agent, but it's not tedious work. It looks like that is all about to change. 

Getting into the NBA isn't easy, and this year's MYCAREER Mode will make that evident. In the new trailer, 2K lays out the story of the main character. Entitled “The Way Back,” the new story mode will take gamers overseas to China and to the G League, before making it to the NBA. The main character doesn't get drafted on the big day, and is forced to play overseas to earn some respect. It appears that he does gain a little respect, and is moved up to the G league.  Anthony Mackie, Michael Rapaport, and Haley Joel Osmont make guest appearances in the trailer, and it looks like they will be integral to the main character's growth. Check out the trailer below, and cop NBA 2K19 when it drops on September 11.