It's been a rough time for sports fans around the world as we have very little to watch these days. Luckily, sports like MMA and soccer are making a slow return to action although basketball still seems fairly far away from coming back. In the interim, video game companies have been trying to fill the gaps, including Take-Two Interactive who have been putting together an NBA 2K "Simulation Tournament." Essentially, they simulated the rest of the season and then simulated the playoffs.

Throughout the last few weeks, the Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks were able to claw their way into the NBA Finals. In the most recent simulation, the Lakers won the championship in seven games and Anthony Davis was able to secure Finals MVP. In fact, the Lakers were even down 3-1 in the series but were able to come roaring back.

Considering how well the Lakers and Bucks are doing right now, it doesn't seem far-fetched to see them in the NBA Finals. However, the Lakers are surely going to have their work cut out for them when they go up against teams like the Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets, and Los Angeles Clippers. 

Obviously, this simulation is far from reality but perhaps it will instill hope in these respective fanbases that their teams have what it takes to compete for a title.