There is a major void in the Pacific Northwest that the NBA needs to fill sooner than later. Not because the league is desperate for revenue, but because the people of Seattle deserve it.

Seattle, a proven hotbed for NBA talent and a community with an undying passion for hoops, is expected to be next in line when the NBA expands- whenever that may be, hopefully sooner than later.

Ever since the beloved Supersonics left Seattle for a home in Oklahoma City, the people have begged and pleaded with the NBA for a team to call their own. According to a couple of former Sonics, their cries have not fallen on deaf ears and Adam Silver is passionate about bringing a team back to Seattle.

Spencer Haywood appeared on a Seattle radio show recently and discussed Silver's goals to bring back the Supersonics.

“I’m on the board of directors with the retired players, we have joint meetings with the collective bargaining. Here we are, we need to do something with this stadium. We need to let it go so that we can have our team.”

“[Adam Silver] wants a team back in Seattle desperately. They want to do right by Seattle, what has happened. They want to make it right.”

Nate McMillan, who was drafted by the Sonics and is now the new head coach of the Indiana Pacers, echoed Haywood's statements.

“I would say to all the fans continue to do what you’re doing, the NBA, they recognize that. They recognize that it is a great city and I think the next team that comes available will end up in Seattle.”

“That city deserves it. It’s a great sports town.”

Bring back the original Lob City!