Though some skeptics were adamant things would simply blow over, the cancellation of the NBA's 2020 season was among the first indicator that the coronavirus was indeed a severe threat to normalcy. On March 11th, the National Basketball Association decided to postpone its season following news that a Utah Jazz player had been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Since then, there has been much discussion as to when, how, and where things will pick back up again. Now, a new possibility has arisen, according to the findings of The Athletic's Shams Charania.

NBA Disney World

Juan O'Campo/NBAE via Getty Images

Apparently, the NBA has been in talks with Disney World, with the ultimate goal of resuming the season on the resort property in Orlando. It's said that Disney has already given the green light, should the NBA decided to take them up on their offer. In many ways, the partnership would be a convenient fit, given that Disney is more than well-equipped to handle the transition. Not to mention the inherently surreal element of engaging in championship games under the watchful eye of Disney denizens, even if they are only present in spirit. 

Of course, nothing has been finalized, and these reports only suggest that Disney World and the NBA have been in talks. Apparently, closing things out in Las Vegas has also been discussed, though safety has been the utmost priority for the league commissioners and a re-open Las Vegas may compromise that. Look for more news to surface on the 2020 NBA season in the imminent future.