On Thursday, the Golden State Warriors will head to faceoff against the Toronto Raptors in the Six to defend their two-straight championships. The Warriors are favored to win the series despite being without Kevin Durant for the start of the Finals. Durant won Finals MVP the last two seasons but his absence wasn't too much of a hardship for the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals as they swept the Portland Trail Blazers with ease. 

With Durant gone, players like Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson will have to step up their games and as a result, are clear favorites to win Finals MVP. In fact, Caesars Palace revealed their betting odds for the Finals MVP and Curry is the clear favorite right now. Curry's odds are listed at -150, while Kawhi Leonard is a close second at +200. Green and Thompson are each at +900, Durant is at +1800, with Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakim coming in at +3000.

Curry has received constant scrutiny from internet warriors because of his lack of a Finals MVP honor. Of course, back in 2015, Andre Iguodala ended up with the award and Curry has yet to win one ever since. With Durant out of the lineup, now is Curry's best chance to silence his toughest critics and win the one thing he's missing on his resume.