The NBA G League is reportedly looking to form a team in Mexico City, according to Marc Stein of the New York Times. According to Stein, league sources say that a G League franchise in Mexico City will be established as quickly as feasible and could possibly begin play as early as next season.

The news came just ahead of last night's Brooklyn Nets vs Oklahoma City Thunder game which was the first of two games being held in Mexico City this week. The Nets will also take on the Miami Heat in Mexico City on Saturday.

26 out of 30 NBA franchises currently have a G League affiliate, with the Washington Wizards getting their own team in DC next season. Stein mentions if Mexico City is to be added to the G League, they will be "owned and operated locally."

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said a G League team in Mexico City would essentially be a 31st team in the league, with the NBA hoping to soon have all 30 of its clubs owning and operating their own minor league affiliate

"We have a preference for coming to Mexico City," Silver said, "because as we look down the road, frankly to see whether there would be an opportunity to even dream about putting an NBA franchise here in Mexico City, we believe it makes sense as a first step to have a development league team here and to work out some of the issues to better understand what it would mean to have a team in Mexico."

Additionally, Silver announced plans to launch an NBA Academy in Mexico's capital as well.