Later this month, NBA players will be heading back to the court to finish off the regular season, or at least that's what the NBA is hoping for. They are preparing for their first-ever bubble city in Orlando, Florida, which is a problematic venture when you realize that Coronavirus cases are currently skyrocketing in the state, and specifically the Orlando area.

In order to make sure the players are safe heading into the bubble, the league has decided to test its athletes on a regular basis. After recording 16 positive tests after the first round, it seems as though even more cases have been confirmed. Today, it was revealed that nine more players have the virus which brings the overall total to 25. 

This means that 25 out of 351 players have the disease. While this may not seem like a lot, if the players were working out with teammates, there is a real chance they could have spread the virus around. For now, however, the league plans to have these players quarantine and report to their respective teams once the virus has left their system.

Coming back to the court isn't going to be an easy task and it seems like the NBA is in for a real fight here.