Numerous athletes throughout the NBA have been taking part in Black Lives Matter protests across the country. These protests are extremely important as they are getting the attention of local, state, and even federal governments. It is clear that we need a change in this country, especially when it comes to racial injustice. There has been too much negative treatment for far too long and the people are taking a massive, mobilized stand.

The NBA has been tracking the efforts of its players with a watchful eye, and now, they are making sure the players know they are being supported. Yesterday, the league released a one-minute video called "The Truth Is #BlackLivesMatter," and throughout, we see clips of various players protesting in the streets.

This video is coming out at an interesting time as players are expected to head to Orlando, Florida for the resumption of the NBA season, starting on July 30th. There have been various reports that some players plan to protest during the games, while some were even contemplating skipping the rest of the season, in order to fight for social justice.

Clearly, the players have the support of the league so if they do end up protesting, there won't be any negative recourse.