It appears the NBA is taking some action & steps toward reopening their league. According to a report from ESPN on Saturday, the NBA is allowing team practice facilities to begin reopening on May 1st for those who are in states and municipalities that are loosening stay-at-home restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeenah Moon/ Getty Images

Though group workouts will remain prohibited by the teams, sources say players will be allowed to use the facilities for individual work on a voluntary basis. In addition, many players have left the markets in which their teams are playing in due to the pandemic, and it's expected that organizations with open facilities could let opposing players living locally use their gym on a limited basis.

However, NBA’s decision to reopen facilities isn’t based on a new timetable for a resumption of play this season, sources said. It’s more so an option to get players back in shape and back in the gym, those who can anyways. Some GMs expressed concern to ESPN about the safety of the idea -- especially given expert medical opinions have been against the idea of reopening businesses, but starting May 1 players in certain states will legally be able to hit the gym and court if they please.