The NBA is reportedly considering a new rule that will allow coaches to challenge close or questionable calls made by refs while the game is going on, similar to the NFL's "challenge flags." NBA refs are already allowed to review specific plays throughout the course of a game, but those instances are not determined by coaches and players simply disagreeing with a call. Under the proposed format, coaches will be allowed to initiate a review.

According to reports, the league plans to experiment with the challenge flag idea during the upcoming Summer League games. Justin Tremine, the host of NBA Today on SiriusXM NBA Radio, notes that the league has not yet decided how coaches will physically call for a play to be challenged but says it's doubtful that there will be actual flags like in football. There's also the question of which plays will be eligible for review, or how many challenges a coach receives per game.

The news comes amid plenty of controversy surrounding the officiating thus far in the Finals, so it will be interesting to see how the NBA approaches this idea during the Summer League. All 30 teams will participate in the Las Vegas Summer League this July from the 6th to the 17th. It is the first time that every team will be in attendance for the LV Summer League.