Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has had an interesting season with the Los Angeles Lakers. It started off with some pretty underwhelming performances as he couldn't seem to get anything going. His shot was horrible and his statistics were not worth his contract. However, after Lakers fans bullied him for weeks, he was able to pick up his play and ended up having himself a pretty good season. More recently, his first game of the playoffs was pretty underwhelming which led to even more bullying. However, last night, Caldwell-Pope was hitting threes at a tremendous rate as he helped his team pick up the win.

Following the match, NBA Twitter stumbled across a random account called @Tan50879294. The account doesn't have a real name attached to it and there are many tweets that reference KCP by name. In fact, every single tweet defends KCP and even calls out members of the NBA media who have been critical of the player. With all of the factors at play here, it's clear that fans think this is some kind of burner account.

Going deep into the history of the account, you can see even more pro-KCP propaganda, which makes the whole thing that much more entertaining. Of course, there is no guarantee that KCP is really running this account, but having seen what Kevin Durant did three years ago, it's a safe bet that KCP is pulling the strings in at least some capacity.

Here's what fans had to say about it all.