So... YoungBoy Never Broke Again really just dropped a whole cover of a classic Michael Jackson song. Releasing his new record a couple of hours ago, the Baton Rouge native is back and he's speaking on some relationship issues he's been experiencing lately. It feels like the young man has a new girlfriend every week, cycling through women at an alarming rate. Maybe that's why he's been speaking candidly about his herpes diagnosis. The most famous of his romantic partners has been Floyd Mayweather's daughter Iyanna, who the rapper has accused of wrecking his Maybach. Sharing photos of the slashed tires on his car, YB presumed that Yaya was responsible for the damages. Now, he has a whole song directed at her.

Remixing Michael Jackson's iconic record "Dirty Diana," NBA YoungBoy came through with a brand new track titled "Dirty Iyanna." The song follows the same structure as the original but the lyrics have been switched to better reflect his own situation. "I see she won't leave me alone/She sliced the tires on my car," raps the 20-year-old, referencing the dramatic fight with Iyanna.

Still on house arrest, YoungBoy Never Broke Again is unable to tour or perform shows around the country. He has not let up on new releases though, dropping a number of one-off singles in recent weeks. What do you think of this one?