Clubhouse has been the place to be now that NBA YoungBoy has been reconnecting with fans on the app. The rapper spent the better part of the year incarcerated, and although he has been released on bond, YoungBoy is under a strict set of house arrest rules in Utah. While he keeps himself out of trouble as his trial looms, the Louisiana rapper has been able to speak openly about his life and career while on Clubhouse.

We previously reported on YoungBoy causing the app to have a huge soar in users signing up to hear what he has to say. In a recent chat, YoungBoy explained why he has developed an affinity for dark makeup.

NBA YoungBoy
Erika Goldring / Contributor / Getty Images

"I like painting my face, putting makeup on," he said. "I like to look in the mirror and see everything black. Like my eyes and sh*t." DJ Akademiks was in the room and asked YoungBoy to clarify, adding that he saw a photo of the rapper wearing black makeup.

"That's one hundred percent real! That's me being myself," said YoungBoy. "Just, I don't know. I feel comfortable that way." He admitted that he made his engineer go to MAC cosmetics and purchase the makeup for him. "It give me like, the goth feeling, like rockstars." The response to YoungBoy's new look has been interesting, to say the least. 

Listen to his Clubhouse clip and check out his makeup look below.