20-year-old rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again is one of the most popular musicians in the entire world. His statistics on social media and video sharing platforms are incomparable to other artists of similar stature. In the past, his music videos have doubled the views of artists like Post Malone, DaBaby, and others. Despite the attention he constantly receives and the money that keeps on coming in, it would appear as though NBA Youngboy is still having a hard time living with himself.

The Baton Rouge native has been making headlines all month after his girlfriend Yaya Mayweather, the daughter of Floyd Mayweather, stabbed one of his baby mothers and, as a result, is facing ninety-nine years in prison. The stress of it all may have finally caught up to the 20-year-old and, in true YB fashion, he took to social media to tell the world he may be having suicidal thoughts.

Unless this is the name of his next single or album release, fans of the rising star have good reason to be worried about the rapper. He shocked fans with a singular tweet, suggesting that he's ready to end it all.

"Suicide¿" asked Youngboy Never Broke Again, garnering over eight-thousand retweets thus far.

The replies are mixed with some fans continuing to beg for new music and other more compassionate humans pleading with the rapper to not do anything drastic. 

Regardless of his intention behind the post, let's all send some love and positivity to the troubled star.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images