"Who ready 🔥🔥"

NBA Youngboy is back on the beaten path, after getting his bail posted on kidnapping charges. The $75,000 posting allows him restricted access and rights. The Louisiana rapper has wasted little time in getting back into his bag of sorts, posting a trailer for a video single "Overdose."

The trailer begins with NBA Youngboy stating his loyalty to his child and his baby mother. He expresses his gratitude and counts his blessings, as his time away from home helped him reflect on the importance of family life. It almost takes a degree of separation before these lessons are repeated and learned. The brief monologue ends as an audio snippet of "Overdose" commences. 

The trailer gives us a good sampling of the visual repositories. Footage exists of his son "Ben" scooping ice cream. The video also depicts realistic scenes in the lives of the Baton Rouge faithful. A finger slides into a deep dish uncovering rows upon rows of crawfish. The video also captures a block party in his hometown in which neighbourly interaction seems to be all the rage. If you wanted inside out, it's there for the taking.