Youngboy Never Broke Again's been dealing with a serious amount of legal troubles recently. After being sent back to jail for violating his 2017 probation case, he's now required to submit a DNA sample for another incident that happened in a nightclub in North Carolina earlier this year.

According to The Advocate, a search warrant was issued for Youngboy Never Broke Again to submit a DNA sample in relation to an incident that happened in February at a North Carolina club. Police said that they discovered guns in an SUV that belonged to Youngboy following a search of his vehicle. The East Baton Rouge District Attorney said the warrant was filed because Youngboy is set to arrive in the city for a probation review unrelated to his current incarceration.

A detective said that the rapper and his team came outside of the nightclub in Charlotte and then walked towards the door before swiftly turning back towards the vehicle after seeing metal detectors. Afterward, he returned to the club.

The rapper's attorney said that Youngboy has "voluntarily submitted to providing his DNA because he denies any wrongdoing in the North Carolina matter."

Youngboy wasn't arrested but the driver of the vehicle, Marvin White, was taken in for possession of a stolen firearm and possession of marijuana. Authorities said that because he's a convicted felon, he's prohibited from possessions any firearms.