NBA Youngboy's current North American tour is taking him right across confederate lines and deep into states he's probably only visited once or twice. He won't know the scope of his nationwide appeal until wraps up in late October.

DJ Akademiks posted the following clip which he claims was filmed during a show in Minneapolis. Though NBA's tour poster makes no reference to such a date, but through research of my own I came up with Minneapolis' Skyway Theatre where the drama is said to have unfolded.

What we don't see from our vantage point is the crowd member throwing a projectile onto the stage to spark the hostility. The video pretty much commences with Youngboy and his security team ordering the fan onstage. From there a stare down is initiated by Youngboy like they were transfixed in a pre-fight hype job.

Members of the crowd can be heard in the background urging Youngboy to literally "beat his ass." Before long they did get their wish. Between NBA's already awkward disposition, and the fan caught hand-in-jar, there isn't much room for a hopeful return. Within seconds, the concert-goer gets picked up by Youngboy and a staffer to his right. Together they reverse suplex "the kid" back into the crowd, where he likely also caught a couple of dirty elbows from NBA loyalists.