NBA Youngboy dropped off a new single called "Can't Be Saved" this past week, and one line, in particular, had the internet collectively raising their eyebrows. At one point, NBA Youngboy raps, "Herpes in my blood and that shit got me cryin'/I really got feelings, you see without science/
Somebody ain't real, I'ma cut my alliance." The blatant admittance of having herpes came as a shock to many, and some even tried to claim that the Baton Rouge rapper was using some type of slang instead of revealing his sexual health. Now, NBA Youngboy's girlfriend Jania has added her voice to the conversation. 

Jania took to Instagram Live to discuss the controversial lyric. "The hot topic of everyone right now is the herpes situation," she began. "For him to even tell you guys that, that shows how much he don't care about what ya'll think. That shows a lot about a person, that's something that ya'll can't hold over his head because, he told ya'll. So, somebody else come out and talk about it, what can ya'll say? He said it out his own mouth."

"The same thing that's in his blood, is the same thing that's in my blood," she continued. Check out the full post below.