After performing in the UK in 2017, St-Louis rapper Nelly was accused of sexual assault, which led to a criminal investigation against him. This past week though, Nelly has been cooperating with police in an effort to clear his name and aid in the investigation. According to TMZ, the rapper flew out to meet with Essex Police to show that he has nothing to hide in the situation.

TMZ received a statement from one of Nelly's representatives that stated: "Nelly flew to the UK on his own volition last week to work with the police in assisting their investigation to clear his name completely."

Nelly was originally accused of masturbating in front of a woman and then trying to force his penis in the woman's mouth. This incident allegedly occurred after a meet and greet during his December 2017 overseas concert. The woman was reportedly able to get away from the situation but didn't press charges at first because she was scared of not being believed. He is now being sued by the woman for the incident, according to TMZ

As of today, Nelly has denied all of the allegations. Stay tuned for any updates on the case as they become available.