Nelly's current legal situation continues to take some shocking turns for the worse, as new legal documents filed by his rape accuser, Monique Greene, have revealed some particularly unsavory details about her supposed encounter with the veteran rapper. She's now asking for an injunction against Nelly and, this is for real, his member as well.

According to TMZ, who have sourced Greene's new docs, Nelly's demeanor is all part of a larger plot to, as she sees it, sexually assault women. Apparently, he "seeks out 'beautiful women of color' at his concerts, typically 'with beautiful faces and curvy figures,'" as per her revelations. To that end, a member of his entourage will also invite women and friends backstage, in order to hook them into this devious scheme. Greene claims that Nelly is "is particularly attracted to women who were resistant."

Things only get worse from there. Greene alleges that Nelly will frequently masturbate in front of the women "with the expectation that presenting himself would entitle him to sexual gratification and that the women were drawn to and could not resist his penis." If any woman caught in such a situation were to resist this advance, Greene says that he "sexually accosts and/or assaults her," which can include (but is not limited to) ejaculating on the woman's body.

Clearly, these allegations against Nelly have become even more serious and potentially career-tainting. His representatives have not responded to these latest revelations, but the last time Greene made information about his supposed rapist tendencies public, the rapper said he intended on fighting the accusations using due process. Only time will tell what happens next in this dark, unseemly saga.