It came as a surprise months ago when Growing Up Hip Hop star Madina Malina lashed out at NeNe Leakes in an Instagram video. Madina was sticking up for her friend Wendy Williams in the feud the talk show host was engaged in with the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, and she made some interesting accusations against Leakes. "Why don't you talk about the part where when we was in a truck, you was letting French touch all on your snatch?" asked Madina. "That's right, you were all up under French Montana. A whole married woman, NeNe."

During her virtual interview with The Real, NeNe was asked if the gossip about the alleged escapade with the rapper was true. "Yes honey, for light-skinned French Montana, honey," Nene began. "Not my type, okay? I love French, he's super fun, he's shown me a lot of love, but he's not my type of guy." Then, NeNe joked, "So, I didn't get a chance to cheat on Greg. Dang." She added, "There's always rumors about me doing something... That's not a true rumor."

NeNe was asked what Greg thinks about hearing about the alleged affair in the press. "I think Greg kinda knows. When you've been with somebody as long as I've been with Greg, for twenty-five years, you know your mate," said NeNe. "You know what they will do and what they won't do. Like Greg, I know his type and I think he knows mine. So, hearing French Montana, I think Greg was like, 'Child, bye.'"

Watch NeNe deny the affair with Frech Montana below.