Netflix showed viewers a new way of getting involved with a series with Black Mirror's interactive spin-off series, Bandersnatch. The show allowed viewers to choose their own adventure in the life of the main character, with some choices steering them in the wrong direction while others did good - mostly. 

The new way of watching TV has now inspired another show featuring outdoor survival expert Bear Grylls who attempts to venture through the natural wild relying on viewers to choose his next steps. The series will have eight episodes that have Bear attempting to conquer some crazy natural landscapes. 

"This is going to be a journey unlike any I've EVER embarked on before. I need YOU to think ahead, choose wisely, and most importantly, never give up," Bear wrote on Instagram. The trailer already has fans deciding on how they want to proceed with the show, check it out below and see where your decisions take you. 

The series debuts on Netflix on April 10th. 

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