Netflix seemingly has no downfalls when it comes to their addictive content and affordable pricing with accounts that can be shared by many when it comes to streaming the plethora of movie and television show offerings. However, since the service introduced a 4K streaming option it seems like a downfall has been discovered since users have been served with insane internet bills. 

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Customers seem to be forgetting that landline internet cable plans also have a data cap the same way mobile plans do - it's just not as easy to overdo it. Netflix's 4K streaming option seems to be the easiest method to get one's internet bill to come in much higher than expected and it's for that reason why Netflix has created a guide to keep its users in range

“The first month I blew through the cap like it was nothing,” a Memphis, Tennesse subscriber told The Los Angeles Times. “It’s not as hard to go through as you’d think.” Such users are what the cable industry calls "power users" which means they use  1 terabyte of data or more each month - something that's become more common. 

“The percentage of subscribers exceeding this level will continue to grow rapidly,” OpenVault (Broadband Company) founder Mark Trudeau said.

What a time to be alive.