Businesses like Netflix and Hulu are not often in the business of praising each other, much less promoting each other's services on Tiwtter, but Netflix has decided that some things, like the show Killing Evetranscend money. The streaming service's Twitter account (likely run by the some poor intern) took a break from the usual bland promotional material to give a sincere shout-out, calling the show "a true masterclass in writing, directing, and acting." Netflix's social media intern couldn't help but go on about the acting: "Oh goodness ... the acting! What Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer do in this show is NEXT. LEVEL. PERFECTION. Watch it."

The problem, as some Twitter users pointed out, is that the show is actually not on Netflix, to which Netflix responded, with humility, "try hulu!"

Hulu didn't take long to respond, accepting the praise with a wink by writing, "what can we say, we all love a good TV show :)" and the show is good, I can personally vouch for that. As Netflix says, it's a "watch it wherever you can/have to" show. Watch the trailer below: