Netflix's Q4 earnings have been revealed and the most popular online T.V. network has surpassed many expectations. The platform that is home to Orginal content such as Orange Is The New Black, Narcos, House of Cards and by far the most popular, Stranger Things, pulled in 8.3 million new subscribers at the end of 2017.

Those numbers include almost 2 million of U.S. members, proving that a good chunk of new subscribers are coming from Europe and Latin America. These results pushed Netflix shares up by 9% after Monday's closing at $227.58 per share. “We had a beautiful Q4, completing a great year as internet TV expands globally,” company execs said. Netflix now has 117.6 million customers worldwide.

Bloomberg reports that Netflix will be spending more than $8 billion on programming and will increase its content to have more non-English series, with anime and local language production. 

This success for Netflix comes as no surprise since the streaming service made history at the end of the year when they signed on for another instalment of the Will Smith lead film, Bright. The film is the first to ever start a franchise on a streaming platform. 

We recently posted on Netflix's plan to release a series of short stand-up specials throughout the year. Check out some of the comedians who wanna make you laugh here.