There is no shortage of guilty parties in the Fyre Festival scandal, albeit none as messy as Billy McFarland. But in this instance, the alleged guilty party is actually Netflix, who ostensibly took no part in the Festival's production run. According to TMZ, the streaming platform is being sued by a Festival attendee who claims documented material that she filmed while in the Bahamas, was used in Netflix's trailer for FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, all without her consent.

At this juncture, it's impossible to make out whether the claimant Claressa Cardenas is actually telling the truth. The screenshot she provided is non-conclusive, and the paperwork she filed (in the lawsuit) bears no description at all.

And yet, Cardenas is asking for $150,000 in the suit. Netflix and Jerry Media are being asked to foot the bill, for what she claims to be a direct "copyright infringement" of her intellectual property. On the flip side, she would also be happy with a percentage of the documentary's profits, whatever looks better on paper.

Cardenas' copyright claim against Netflix and Jerry Media, marks the first time a Fyre Festivalgoer and the word "intellectual" were muttered in the same sentence, and maybe the last. Cardenas adamantly claims that she registered her clip via the U.S. Copyright Office. Netflix has not yet made itself available for comment.