We reported earlier today that the biggest Avengers movie and the fourth biggest movie of all time, Avengers: Infinity War would be coming to Netflix on Christmas day. What about the rest of Netflix? And what about those other 24 days of the month? Well, look no further. Netflix has released a full timetable of everything they will be adding to the site next month. Some notable additions include Astro Boy, Shaun Of The Dead, The Big Lebowski and a new live action Jungle Book movie called Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. 

Just as Netflix giveth, Netflix as taketh away. For fans of motorcycles and British actors trying their absolute best to hide their accents, Sons of Anarchy will be dearly missed, while Spider-Man 3 will be missed by absolutely no one.

There are also some less known movies that are coming to the streaming service. The perfect example would be the Netflix-produced Battle which USA Today describes as a "Nordic dance flick for Step Up fans," which is appropriate for two reasons: Step Up 2: The Streets is being removed on December 15th and how better to replaced it in the dead of winter than with its Nordic counterpart?

Read the full list here.