Netflix has revealed a number of trailers today for some anticipated content that's set to drop on the platform soon. The reboot for Lost In Space, the crazy reality show The Push, and just yesterday the platform shared the second look at Marvel's season two of Jessica Jones.

Another release coming to Netflix is a notable one titled, Flint Town. The documentary follows the lives of the city's police officers as they live in a "constant state of an emergency" dealing with crime and the town's water crisis. The trailer shows real 911 responses and real families who share their fears of living in a city that's trying to better its community. 

"It's hard to step out of your own skin and realize that this isn't what everyone is dealing with," the narrator says at the beginning of the trailer. "Every system has a breaking point, and I don't know where ours is."

A part of the trailer reads how there are only 98 officers to the town of 100,000 people. "Police officers are problem solvers, but sometimes it seems as if the problems have no end," an officer explains. 

Flint Town hits Netflix on March 2nd. Watch the full sneak peek below.