Netflix has released the trailer for its latest investigative documentary series called Dirty Money, which spotlights corporate deception, greed, and fraud, and its effects on the middle-to-lower classes. 

Examining six stories or avarice, the film is helmed by noted documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, who recently took on the Church of Scientology and its history of abuse and mendacity in the explosive HBO production Going Clear. Gibney's latest feature focuses on the widespread the legal loopholes that effectively allow precarious corporations and business executives to target the middle class, as well as the poor, in order to financially gain from their societal inferiority. 

Throughout these six case studies, Gibney hopes to shed light on the problems of late-capitalism, while also highlighting the flaws within a system that consistently exonerates the notoriously greedy 1 percenters. The consequences of their actions are repeatedly handed off to the innocent civilians who fill the remaining 99 percent of society living outside of this extreme wealth, and Gibney hopes to shed light on this unfortunate phenomenon. Additionally, Martin Shkreli, the convict who purchased the sole copy of Wu Tang Clan's Once Upon a Time in Shaolinis one of the subjects profiled in the series. 

Watch the trailer for this upcoming series below:

In other Netflix news, the streaming company also revealed the full trailer for another one of their upcoming original series Altered Carbon. While fictive in concept, this upcoming episodic production is set in the distant future, where human bodies are relegated to shells for a human conscious to slip in-and-out of. This narrative bears a resemblance to the Ghost in the Shell manga franchise, while aesthetically recalling the futuristic dystopia of Blade Runner