Netflix just released the Season One trailer for their latest "original," a series they have gone so far as to label a "Coming Of Rage Story." Insatiable starring Debby Ryan is the story of a student who is bullied because of her appearance. Out of nowhere, Patty is struck in the face by a man roving the street. The freak accidents demands that she wire her jaw shut, a successful operation that somehow helps her lose the excess weight and exact revenge on her mean-spirited peers.

Debby Ryan's character doesn't stop at pulling water balloon pranks. Her insatiable desire to exact revenge on her bullies leads her down a path of masterful execution, forcing her to enlist the help of a lawyer/beauty pageant coach played by Dallas Roberts, and his wife coralee played by famed TV actress Alyssa Milano.

Evidently Patty intends on cashing in on her new found vanity, by training to become the very best pageant contestant in her county. That title is held by incumbent Queen Dixie Sinclair (played by Irene Choi), who doesn't plan on giving anything away cheaply.

The Insatiable cast also includes Christopher Gorham, Erinn Westbrook, Michael Provost, Kimmy Shields, Irene Choi, and Sarah Colonna, with TV do-gooder Ryan Seacrest acting as the show's executive producer.