Daniel Craig returns to the action in the upcoming "James Bond" film, Bond 25. We previously shared reports based on a teaser, but another one has surfaced and the movie looks ever so promising. Based on the one-minute video and music herein, we can easily place ourselves in the beautiful country of Jamaica and as such, we look forward to seeing how the culture will play into the movie. Despite the previous messiness which has been tied to the movie in the past few months, which included its director putting a pause on the filming of the movie to play video games and an explosion on set that caused injuries to members--things are finally beginning to line up right. 

The plot consists of the usual action-packed story and starts on a perturbing note for 007 in particular as his vacation plans in Jamaica get interrupted by a persistent CIA-connection who tracks him down via a helicopter. When issued a challenge he cannot turn down, James Bond chooses to step out of his beach chair to handle some serious business. We are still waiting on a full trailer to the film, but the film is scheduled to hit theatres on April 8th, 2020.