The first previews of the Crocodile Dundee reboot starring Danny McBride appeared out of nowhere. The film, which casts the former Eastbound & Down actor as the illegitimate son of the original film's protagonist, chronicles his return back to the Australian outback in search of his father who has mysteriously disappeared. 

Many have been skeptical about the legitimacy of the film, which was never previously announced by any major studios backing the project. Some have questioned how Chris Hemsworth would have been able to take part in this film while being kept busy filming Avengers: Infinity War. Furthermore, the film is revealed to have been directed by Steve Rogers, who is a well-known advertising executive. Thus, speculation about whether this project is some extravagant Super Bowl commercial has been circling for weeks now, as no concrete release date has been announced for the film. 

This latest teaser trailer really emphasizes its Australian setting by cramming a who's who of Aussie talent into this two minute video. Margot Robbie, Liam Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and other notable faces join "co-stars" Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride into their excursion through the outback. 

Peep the trailer below: