It's hard to imagine the New England Patriots ever being considered as underdogs. Even during their worst seasons with Tom Brady at the helm, the team has always been given the benefit of the doubt by sports pundits. According to ESPN, the last time they were underdogs in a playoff game was back in 2014 when they played the Denver Broncos and ultimately lost. That streak is coming to an end on Sunday as they will be three-point underdogs against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Patriots seem to be embracing the underdog role though. Brady commented on the team's status heading into Sunday by saying "Doesn't change much for us. It shows you, kind of, what people would think of what our chances are. That is about it."

Julian Edelman also issued a challenge to fan on Twitter, daring people to bet against the Patriots. It's clear Edelman is having fun playing the underdog role.