It's almost time. Next Sunday, Game Of Thrones will be airing its long-anticipated Battle For Winterfell, which will take up the bulk of the hour-plus runtime. Of the shoot, which ultimately spanned across fifty-five nights, led to Peter Dinklage to claim “It makes the Battle of the Bastards look like a theme park.” Lofty, considering said battle featured Jon Snow nearly suffocating beneath the weight of retreating soldiers in a truly claustrophobic fashion. In any case, last week's "A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms" set a beautiful tone, acting as a calm before the proverbial storm. Now, with the Storm arriving in mere days, HBO has delivered a few new pictures of the untitled episode.

The pictures, which you can catch over at Hypebeast, largely derive from the teaser trailer above, with a clearer shot of a shook Ser Jaime, Ser Brienne, and some Vale soldiers likely questioning the decisions that brought them here. Jon Snow appears equally distraught, while Sansa and Arya share a moment of pre-battle reflection. As for Varys and Tyrion, the pair appear to be holding it down in the crypts, though there's no telling whether they'll have to step up and fight or not. From the look of it, Sansa is also in the crypts, which means several key players will be sitting this one out - at least for the time being.

Is your body ready for the upcoming "Battle For Winterfell?" In all likelihood, it'll dethrone one of our Top 10 Best Episode selections

Charles McQuillan/Getty Images