The month of June marks the beginning of Black Music Month and Nashville's National Museum of African American Music is soon opening and will be putting on an exhibit to honour the endless African American Music milestones achieved in the past decades. The display will explore the current state of Black Music by reviewing the contributions of African American culture to the music field and American culture. As such, the display is set to push boundaries, seek new audiences and innovation. The National Museum of African American Music is scheduled to open up next year in 2020 and will be the sole museum dedicated to preserving African American music traditions along with celebrating the influence of African Americans on music.


The State of Black Music exhibit will consist of notable highlights such as Hip Hop's growing dominance over the music industry as a whole, by showcasing that eight of the ten most-streamed artists last year stemmed from Hip Hop. Moreover, there will also be a look at the black artists who lead or are currently leading mixing genres and defying categories. Considerably, Lil Nas X will thus be featured in the exhibit for his successful ability to mesh Rap and Country with his smash-hit "Old Town Road." Lastly, the display will take a look at artists with powerful legacies such as the late Nipsey Hussle, Aretha Franklin, James Ingram and more.