The Nintendo Switch has proven to be an incredibly popular console for the company. The "hybrid" nature of it makes it fully portable, allowing gamers to use it on the go, which is a nice change from its competition. This has been Nintendo's most successful gaming console in years and naturally, they're looking to keep the sales coming. It can be difficult to do so since the novelty of the product is no longer in play as it released worldwide a year and a half ago. That's likely the reason why they're planning to revamp the Switch, re-releasing it next year.

New reports are saying that Nintendo plans to release a new version of their ultra-popular Switch in 2019. The initial news was broken by Wall Street Journal Japan who received the information from suppliers and "others with direct knowledge of the plan." According to IGN, there are active discussions about replacing the hardware and software functions as they figure out how to implement the changes. The main fix would be an improvement over the current "low-end" LCD display, something that current users will be pleased to hear. According to the reports, the new Switch could arrive as soon as next summer.

Nintendo has sold over 20 million units of the gaming console. Considering this is probably the best portable console on the market, sales will be consistent until the product is phased out. The re-release could see their numbers boosted even higher in 2019.