A New York City sex club in Soho called NSFW, which stands for New Society For Wellness, is opening its doors again for Phase 2 of reopening and they’re introducing new rules and regulations to ensure everyone stays safe while still having some risqué fun.  

“We had to figure out how to do this in the safest way possible, where no one feels at risk or in danger, but can still enjoy themselves,” says the founder of the members-only group Daniel Saynt.

Earlier this month, NYC actually issued guidelines for how individuals should safely participate in pandemic-friendly group sex that included keeping hand-sanitizer nearby and doing it in a well-vented area. 

Saynt also created additional safety precautions for the club, including temperature checks at the door, bringing a change of clean clothes in a plastic bag, wearing a mask and gloves, using hand sanitizer consistently, and a “no new sex” rule, which means you can only hook up with the partner you came with. Saynt also restricted attendance to the club to about 20 members, 10% of the space’s capacity.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

“We have enough room to give each other space, so we’re asking members to engage in a ‘no new play’ policy, which means come and play with a partner and experience NSFW for the exhibitionist and voyeuristic sides of it,” says Saynt, whose job title at the club is ‘chief conspirator.’ “Throughout the clubhouse, there’s additional hand sanitizer and toy cleaners at sanitization stations.”

Last weekend was the first time the club tested out the new regulations. On the new NSFW experience, professional dominatrix and fetish wrestler The Domme Kat noticed an immediate difference. “Usually I’m jammed on a couch with someone — passing a spliff, a couple people are in the back having sex and there’s lots of moaning,” she says. “This … was not that.”

Despite the slightly different experience, the performer maintained she was still grateful to be back in business.

The club’s next event will be on June 28th.