Robert Wood “Woody” Johnson, the billionaire owner of the New York Jets and Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Kingdon, is under fire for allegedly making racist and sexist comments. 

On Wednesday, CNN reported that a State Department watchdog investigation of the NFL team owner included allegations of racist and sexist comments. The billionaire ambassador made several troubling comments degrading women and generalizing Black men and, according to the report, did this on the regular. 

CNN reported that Johnson “made racist generalizations about Black men and questioned why the Black community celebrates Black History Month.” CNN disclosed that the information came from three sources and a diplomat familiar with the complaints made to the State Department inspector general. 

Before an event for Black History Month, CNN described that Johnson “appeared agitated” and asked if the audience would be "a whole bunch of Black people.” Three of CNN’s sources said Johnson questioned why there was a separate month to celebrate Black history, and he said Black fathers who didn't remain with their families was the “real challenge.”

woody johnson racism

Stefan Rousseau - WPA Pool/Getty Images

CNN also reported Johnson made “cringeworthy” comments about women’s looks and “it was a struggle to get him on board for an event for International Women's Day,” according to the network’s sources. Diplomats said Johnson often casually made these offensive remarks. 

When confronted about the specific allegations reported by CNN, Johnson did not deny them. He called it an "honor of a lifetime" to serve as ambassador and "to lead the talented, diverse team of the U.S. Mission to the United Kingdom." Johnson praised the team, adding, "I greatly value the extraordinary work that each and every member of the team does to strengthen and deepen our vital alliance." 

The White House had no comment on the allegations against Johnson but a State Department spokesperson issued a statement calling Johnson "a valued member of the team who has led Mission UK honorably and professionally."

In other Trump-associate news, the President sent well wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell Tuesday after she was formally arrested by the FBI for her involvement in the illegal sex trafficking of minors with ex Jeffrey Epstein.