With Cancel Culture attempting to take out someone new every day, some celebrities are finding themselves targets more than once. Recently, activist Shaun King began trending on Twitter after he vocalized his support of Kamala Harris for Vice President. Just last year, King stated that he wouldn't support Kamala or Joe Biden, but he later clarified that he made those remarks because he wanted Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic candidate. Hollywood Unlocked shared a post about King on their Instagram Page and this prompted a brief exchange between Lil Duval and Nick Cannon.

It's well known that comedian-turned-singer Lil Duval has no filter when it comes to his jokes, and according to him, he holds the trophy for being nixed by Cancel Culture more than anyone else. "Nobody has been canceled more than me tho," he wrote in response to HU's post about Shaun King. It was a comment that Nick Cannon just couldn't pass up.

"I got you beat young King!" Cannon replied. Instagram users began to share their nominees for Most Canceled, and it included names like Terry Crews, Doja Cat, Kanye West, Cardi B, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Ellen DeGeneres, and many more. Who do you think gets "canceled" more than anyone else?