Eminem and Nick Cannon's feud is far from the strangest thing that's happened in 2019 but it's definitely got weirder as time went by. Now, their feud stems over a decade back when Nick and Mariah Carey were married. Although now divorced, Em revisited Nick and Mariah's marriage, and the feud he already had with the two, on Fat Joe's latest album and of course, the Internet went into shambles.

Since then, Nick Cannon has been clearly milking every moment of it. He came through with his first diss track towards Em, "The Invitation" ft. battle rappers Hitman HollaCharlie Clips & Prince Eazy, as well as Suge Knight -- currently rated "NOT FEELING IT" by HNHH users. Em only responded in rare tweet form, denying that he ever had a chauffeur after Nick claimed a driver had a video of Em performing fellatio on another man.

Here's the thing -- Nick decided to release a second diss track, including Hitman Holla, Charlie Clips, and Prince Eazy and continued to wait for Eminem to fall for the bait. The Detroit legend didn't and Nick declared himself the winner of this whole feud. Unfortunately for him, the general public does not appear to feel the same way. In fact, the replies to his tweet declaring victory are filled with users handing Nick Cannon L's. But maybe, just the bragging right alone is the ultimate W for Nick.