Shortly after announcing his departure from America's Got Talent, Nick Cannon has been hit with a $1.7 million lawsuit for allegedly stealing the idea for his N'credible app, a talent-searching app that he launched outside of the show. "I never thought he would steal from me, so that hurt," Enrico Taylor, the man who filed the lawsuit, told TMZ

Taylor met Cannon in early 2015 and told him all about his talent-scouting company, I Discover Stars, as well as his plans to build his own app. He wanted Cannon to become a brand ambassador and a potential investor for I Discover Stars, and the Wild 'N Out host pretended to be on board, claims Taylor. Cannon had been interested in a digital talent search that Taylor had assisted Birdman with in late 2013.

Then Cannon apparently ceased all communication with Taylor. Months later, he would announce the N'credible app, which Taylor believes is patently inspired by the ideas he told Cannon about during their business meetings. Taylor points out how an Instagram promo video for Cannon's N'credible app is similar to a YouTube video Birdman shared in support of his Rich Gang talent search. 

Taylor claims the N'credible app has been a total bust. "It failed, that's karma for you," he says, "but no, I can't sit back and allow this to happen." 

In fact, Taylor says that the failure of Cannon's app has jeopardized his prospects of launching his own app. A potential investor allegedly told Taylor, "Well I seen Nick Cannon do something similar and it failed." 

Even though it seems Cannon was not able to turn his idea into a success story, Taylor still wants $1.7 million in damages from the famous TV personality. He also feels that a lawsuit is his only means of getting Cannon's attention. "Couldn't get into contact with him any other way," he explains. "Now you have no choice. See me in court."