Nick Cannon made an interesting declaration about his fondness for Oprah Winfrey during his last appearance on Hollywood Unlocked. During the interview, he was asked to name a fantasy sexual conquest, one that nobody would know about. The answer surprised everyone in the booth: Oprah.

At first, Nick Cannon seemed to be joking about it, but then, things became more serious: "Nah, I got respect for Oprah...If she threw it at me though!", he laughed, "At this point, I'm so easy. I stopped chasing any longer. I stopped doing that."

When asked if he was serious about his answer, he responded emphatically, saying, "Absolutely. Abso-F*cking-Lutely." He keeps exclaiming "absolutely" when asked about Oprah's best friend, Gayle King. Apparently, if the pair offered him a shot at a threesome, he'd be all over it.

Cannon continues, "Those are beautiful strong black women. Hundred percent." Then he clarifies the parts of their physique that appeal to him most: "First of all, they both got ass."

The crew goes on to discuss the women's sex appeal and their strong presence, recounting their experiences mingling in the same rooms as the public figures. Based on these interactions, they agree that both women are not likely to be lesbian lovers like rumors have suggested in the past.