Nickelodeon‬ knows what their audience wants. Game shows used to be a staple in entertainment for the network, and kids of the 90's can all recall coming home to watch other children compete in activities to earn prizes that their parents probably wouldn't have bought for them on their own. In the late 80's and early 90's the kids-centric network aired a game series called Doube Dare. Hosted by ‪Marc Summers‬‬, the series featured two teams of four competing in hilarious physical events and answering mind-boggling questions in order to win prizes. The series went on to inspire the creation of other classic Nickelodeon‬ game shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple and Wild & Crazy Kids, and now, Double Dare is set to return to television.

According to The New York Post, Double Dare will be rebooted this summer with an expansive 40 episode season, and will feature many familiar challenges such as the human hamster wheel, the insane and hilarious obstacle course, and the enormous nose picking activity. Some throwback guest will also appear on the show, and new celebrities will also be featured in the reboot. Now if only Nickelodeon‬ would bring back shows like My Brother and Me, Salute Your Shorts, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and The Journey of Allen Strange, then 90's babies would be set for life.