Last month, Nicki Minaj became the woman with the second-most Hot 100 entries in Billboard history, surpassing Taylor Swift. As of this week, Nicki has tied Aretha Franklin's record for most Hot 100 entries among women, earning her 73rd hit with her appearance on Gucci Mane's "Make Love," Billboard reports.

While it seems likely that Nicki will eventually surpass Aretha's record as well, she will still continue to face competition from Taylor Swift, who is expected to release a new album this year.

Meanwhile, Rihanna is also moving up the ranks, earning her 58th entry this week with her appearance on Future's "Selfish," which gives her the third-most Hot 100 entries among women, surpassing Madonna.

Other women who have amassed an impressive number of hits on the Hot 100 chart include Beyonce (54), Mariah Carey (48), Miley Cyrus (43), Mary J. Blige (40), and Janet Jackson (40).

Listen to "Make Love" below.