Nicki Minaj is having a moment. She's been having a moment for the past year but her new relationship appears to be extending her boisterous displays of shamelessness. Yesterday, she responded to the rape situation her man was involved in as a teenager, and double-down on the fact that she will live her life amongst abusers, convicted or otherwise. From here, the content the artist publishes or promotes might be viewed in a different light.

Her most recent upload is a picture of herself being captured with her pants down, literally. This image might not be meant as a metaphor of sorts, however, according to her caption. It is crafted as a thirst or hunger trap:" I’m thicka than peanut butter- he nuttin’ like Skippy now," a snippet of the lyrics from her Queen's "Majesty."Peep the photo after the jump.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images 

Perhaps the caption indicates Nicki Minaj's desire to remind her fans of the fact that she has been providing bops for a minute, a consideration to keep in mind despite the criticism that has been brought on by her current romantic connection. Some of her following probably does miss the old Onika.