Nicki Minaj's recent social media antics have sparked rumors of her engagement to current boyfriend Meek Mill, but before she sent the internet into a craze, the Young Money rapper was contemplating the best punchlines in hip-hop. More specifically, she was giving props to Fabolous, who she feels hasn't been given the respect he deserves for his lyrics.

“Fab has probably had the most consistent, next level, punch lines of the last 10 yrs in Rap. Wayne, obviously, but Fab goes unnoticed a lot…," she tweeted, before elevating Loso's status to some of the greatest of all time. "When it comes to punch lines, Fab is right up there with Big, Jay, Wayne and NICKI.”

Later on, Meek Mill chimed in, suggesting that he had put Nicki on to the rapper's knack for wordplay.

Anyone who's listened to Fab's There Is No Competition mixtape series knows he definitely has some rewind-worthy bars, but would you put him among the best of the best? Let us know in the comments.