Nicki Minaj took a hot break from her Queen Radio hosting duties but now she's back and doesn't care who's listening. The "Megatron" rapper not only revealed that she and her boyfriend Kenneth “Zoo” Petty got a marriage license, but she also went in on Miley Cyrus continuing their never-ending feud. 

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Nicki was asked about Miley's recent comments, where the "Cattitude" singer joked about loving Nicki but preferring to listen to Cardi B. Nicki didn't think it was much of a joke and responded: “Perdue chickens can never talk shit about queens. She disrespected me in a magazine article for no reason. I had just seen her after she sucked Mike WiLL’s dick in the studio.”

Nicki even opened up about her issues with the Grammys and how back in 2012 they tried to halt her performance in the wake of Whitney Houston's death. "Even then it made absolutely no sense [...] This is after I had done a bunch of commercials with L.L. Cool J to promote the Grammys [...]," she said. "After I did everything they asked, they told me not to perform. I said, 'No I'm going to perform.'"

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